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Power Balls - Analbeads
Item number: 11003

These weighted black balls are perfect for anal play. The slightest, most subtle movement will shift the weight of ea...



Fun Factory Bendybeads - black
Item number: 25740

Anal chain in the new special design! The special design was inspired by the magnificent design of an Egyptian scepte...



COLT Power Drill Balls - black
Item number: 31206

High-quality anal chain made of silicone of stimulation at the highest level. The ever increasing balls with ribbed s...



X-10 Beads purple
Item number: 11007

Length: approx. 30 cm
Ball-diameter: approx. 1 - 2 cm
10 beads of wonder. Sturdy, pliable, translucent graduate...



Bum Buddies Anal Beads Blue
Item number: 29206

Platinum cured medical grade silicone is the ideal material for an anal chain. Ultra hygienic, non-porous silicone is...



Joyballs Anal Wave - Black - 11.73
Item number: 29526

With this long anal beead chain you set your hidden lust free and discover stimulation all over again.



Joyballs Anal Wave - Black - 6.9
Item number: 32288

Unleash your hidden lust and rediscover stimulation. Increase your orgasm experience dramatically.



Anal Beads Black Mont Elite Lovers Beads
Item number: 39606

Six love beads on this special dildo provide a thrilling stimulation. This sex toy can be inserted vaginally and anal...



Deep Penetration Joy Stick
Item number: 40868

The Deep Penetration Joy Stick is an anal-/vaginal-ball on a stick and brings a deep and unforgettable massage. This ...



Bondage Hook with Ball
Item number: 40893

Solid and sturdy anal hook with ball. Made of highly polished stainless steel. Whether BDSM, rope games or just pulli...



Push Xtreme Fetish - Pleasure Steel Anal Eggs
Item number: 42189

This exciting sextoy can bring incredible orgasms. Just pull it out before the climax. This massive anal chain is mad...



American Bombshell Blast Balls
Item number: 42775

Total length: approx. 53 cm
Diameter: approx. 5 cm



Push Monster - Anal Balls Large 2.0
Item number: 45333

Monster-sized anal balls made of soft TPE, which are lined up on a long cord. Hypoallergenic ✓ Skin-safe d...



Push Monster - Anal Balls Medium 2.0
Item number: 45334

Big anal balls made of soft TPE, which are lined up on a long cord. Hypoallergenic ✓ Skin-safe ✓ Phthal...



Push Monster - Anal Balls X-Large 2.0
Item number: 45335

Extra large anal balls made of soft TPE, which are lined up on a long cord. Hypoallergenic ✓ Skin-safe ✓...



7 Speed Petite Sensations Pearls Vibrating Anal Beads - Black
Item number: 45489

Vibrating anal beads with 7 powerful functions to pulse bliss through your body as you gasp with wonder at each soft ...



Fifty Shades of Grey - Carnal Bliss Anal Beads
Item number: 47106

The Silicone Pleasure Beads feature three petite spheres that are linked with a thin silicone shaft and a handy ring-...



The Endless Flexible Anal Chain and Cock Ring - James
Item number: 47239

James is a fine accessory for anal pleasure: it is made with silicone and will provide you with the right amout of st...



Push Monster - Black Pleasure Anal Beads
Item number: 48050

Sphincter training at its best! Your rosette is sure to welcome this superb new Push Monster Toy.



7 Speed Petite Sensations - Bubbles - Black
Item number: 46276

Petite anal toy for every level of experience. With velvety soft silicone surface and strong 7-speed bullet vibrator....



Heavy Metal Anal Beads
Item number: 10367

4 metal Analbeads with a diameter of 2 cm. Heavy Metal anal beads feature solid weight which gives you the confidence...



Spectragels Anal Beads - purple
Item number: 10950

Total length: approx. 27 cm
Diameter: 5 little balls with a diameter of approx. 1,5 cm and 5 balls with a diameter...



Show 1 to 22 (of in total 22 products) Seiten: 1