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COLT - 10 Functions Deep Drill Anal Vibe - black
Item number: 43972

Deep Drill is a shapely anal vibrator with natural quality who will drill deep and stimulated in your anus. Look real...



COLT - 10-Function Buzz Rider - black
Item number: 17081

Power packed! Pliable, yet firm waterproof jelly vibrator with 10 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation. ...



COLT - 7-Function Turbo Bullets
Item number: 21212

Powerful and versatile! Independent controls, EZ push buttons, plug-in jacks, 7 powerful functions of vibration, puls...



Colt - Beaded Stroker
Item number: 21496

This super tight, soft, and stretchy masturbator has 2 rows of strategically placed power beads for stimulation, and ...



COLT - Vibrating Stud
Item number: 11668

Silicone cock ring with removable EZ push button micro stimulator. Batteries included.



COLT - Waterproof Power Bullet
Item number: 23024

Totally waterproof, power packed, with smooth rubber-cote controller for easy handling made by COLT. Multi-speed.



COLT - Xtreme Turbo Bullet
Item number: 19613

Xtreme power! Ergonomically designed universal silver bullet, waterproof power pack with 2-speed push button controls...



COLT 3 Ring Set
Item number: 10346

3 comfortable, pliable penis-rings in different sizes(40 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm) made of natural rubber. To award your peni...



COLT Anal Douche
Item number: 2718

Easy to use cleaning system designed for pleasure and simplicity. Color: red. May be used with or without ribbed atta...



COLT Anal Trainer Kit
Item number: 9476

Firm and pliable butt plugs provide incremental training stages from small to medium to large.



COLT Big Boy Anal Plug XL
Item number: 38108

Premium, solid silicone butt plug! The COLT Big Boy Plug provides the shape you are looking for. The tapered tip and ...



COLT Big Man Cleanser
Item number: 31765

The Colt® Big Man Cleanser is lustful, handy and efficient. The spiral probe is easy to insert and stimulates the anu...



COLT Big Man Pump System
Item number: 44278

Colt Big Man Pump System - penis extending system that provides truly calibre by regular using.



COLT Bum Buddy Anal Enema
Item number: 40674

The anal-enema COLT Bum Buddy is the perfect choice for individuals who are looking to clean themselves before succum...



COLT Camo Ball Gag
Item number: 48244

Any disobedience will be smothered in the bud and your slave will submit to you immediately.



COLT Camo Chest Harness
Item number: 48248

With Colt's Camo Chest Harness you can give in to all of your naughty desires.



COLT Camo Collar & Leash
Item number: 48241

Being attached to the sturdy leash, the submissive partner will quickly accept his role and surrender to his fate.



COLT Camo Hog Tie
Item number: 48242

Take your submission adventures to the absolute pinnacle and use a wide range of options.



COLT Camo Over The Door Cuffs
Item number: 48243

Secure your slave to the door and do to him whatever you want. An escape is simply impossible.



COLT Camo Universal Cuffs
Item number: 48240

Whether you want to tie arms or legs, these cuffs will turn any BDSM game into an absolute pleasure!



COLT Double Down Masturbator
Item number: 44589

Double Down let be an anal pleasure to a blowjob pleasure in the winkle on an eye. The clou is the cute design that h...



COLT Expandable Butt Plug
Item number: 2743

Length: approx. 10 cm. Caliber: approx. 2-4 cm. Expandable butt plug made of tight latex with easy purge valve and 7,...



COLT Expander Plug Medium Black
Item number: 43685

COLT Expander Plug with flared design brings a new dimension of anal stretching. The plug shows his quality when is i...



COLT Grips
Item number: 18920

These vibrating and adjustable clamps are designed for multi-purpose use. Its vibration is controlled by wireless wit...



COLT Hefty Probe Inflatable Butt Plug
Item number: 32876

Bigger is better … inflate to your desired size! Soft inflatable Latex probe with an easy squeeze bulb and quick rele...



COLT Manhole Clear
Item number: 40589

Manhole is an innovative toy it includes at least three ways to play in just one amazing toy. You can use it as a str...



COLT Master Cleanser
Item number: 42662

Anal douche in nozzle shape for the targeted and exact dosages your favourite liquid. With the easy pull handle you c...



COLT Mighty Mouth
Item number: 42661

The masturbator for wet tingly action. The ergonomic designed Mighty Mouth comes with 30 powerful functions of pulsat...



COLT Multi-Speed Power Pak Bullet silver
Item number: 9477

Dimension: approx. 5 x 2,5 cm
E-Z grip power pak is powerful and multi-speed. 2 AA batteries.



COLT Multi-Speed Power Pak Egg
Item number: 33176

Dimension: approx. 5 x 3,2 cm
It is a high quality multi-speed Power Pak with vibrationen from low to high. Sure t...



COLT Muscle Nips Pump
Item number: 45520

High-performance nipple pump for professional vacuum stimulation. Precisely adjustable suction from gentle to extreme...



COLT Nipple Pro-Suckers Black
Item number: 44246

Nipple Pro-Suckers from Colt is the superlative of nipple sucker with incredible suction. The cylinders have flange o...



COLT Nipple Pro-Suckers Red
Item number: 43970

Nipple Pro-Suckers from Colt is the superlative of nipple sucker with incredible suction. The cylinders have flange o...



COLT Power Drill Balls - black
Item number: 31206

High-quality anal chain made of silicone of stimulation at the highest level. The ever increasing balls with ribbed s...



COLT Power Stroker
Item number: 11243

Length: 12 cm Get a grip with this super tight and stretchy masturbator for the perfect hand job. Newly designed supe...



COLT Pumper Plug Large
Item number: 38349

This inflatable butt plug with suction cup is made of pliable and durable silicone. An easy squeeze bulb and a quick ...



COLT Pumper Plug Medium
Item number: 38348

This inflatable butt plug with suction cup is made of pliable and durable silicone. An easy squeeze bulb and a quick ...



COLT Shower Shot Water Dong
Item number: 9472

Dimensions: 16,5 cm
Diameter: approx. 3 cm
Hose-length: 150 cm



COLT Silicone Super Rings
Item number: 42763

Colt Silicone Rings set includes two rings with an inner diameter of 41 mm and 46 mm.



COLT Slammer Penis Sleeve
Item number: 46262

Soft, open penis sleeve that provides more diameter and stability on the shaft. Perfect for hot slamming action and e...



COLT Slugger Penis Enlarger
Item number: 44588

From little rod to a sluggers. No problem – Colt Slugger enlarge your penis up to 4 cm in length. The penis-sleeve is...



COLT Snug Grip - Dual Support Ring
Item number: 48252

With 360 Dual Cockring and Ballsling you will experience new ways of sensations. Show a big bump in your underwear by...



COLT Snug Tugger Double Cockring Black
Item number: 45805

Get the support you need for the ultimate thrilling orgasm. This double cockring is designed to get you hard and keep...



COLT Snug Tugger Double Cockring Red
Item number: 45857

Get the support you need for the ultimate thrilling orgasm. This double cockring is designed to get you hard and keep...



COLT Torpedo Stroker
Item number: 48694

Tight masturbator with stimulating texture. Torpedo Stroker is going to turn your world upside down.



COLT Vibrating Cock Ring
Item number: 33179

Supple leather, 3-snap adjustable ring with a wireless removable vibrating micro stimulator for support and stimulation.



COLT Vibro Cleanse
Item number: 42663

This high-quality anal douche combines intimate cleaning by stimulation at the same time. The superior cleaning syste...



COLT Waterproof Power Anal-T
Item number: 11604

Length: approx. 10 cm
Diameter: approx. 2.5 cm
Totally waterproof, power packed, with smooth rubber-cote cont...



COLT Weighted Kettlebell Ring
Item number: 48693

Vibrating ring with a total weight of 8.75 oz (160 grams). Stimulates and enlarges your penis.



Show 1 to 49 (of in total 49 products) Seiten: 1