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Livia Corsetti - Bikini Ayano
Item number: 39320

Bikini in retro style. Padded push-up top with bow. Hearts on top and panties with rhinestones. The spaghetti straps ...



Livia Corsetti - Bikini Basanti Yellow
Item number: 39323

The yellow hue of the panties and the bra perfectly goes with a sunbathed body. Energetic and slightly sporty charact...



Livia Corsetti - Bikini Hikari
Item number: 39322

Black halterneck bikini with classic beige pattern. The spaghetti straps are in the neck to tie. A shiny, flat metal ...



Livia Corsetti - Bikini Iritea
Item number: 39321

Iritea will suit ladies who appreciate comfort, classic composition of colours and minimalism of form. The snow-white...



Livia Corsetti - Bikini Lasair Gray
Item number: 39328

The original form, playing with shapes, nice combination of colours and wonderful cups turn wearing Lasair into a hug...



Livia Corsetti - Bikini Naila
Item number: 43524

The black and red Naila swimsuits emanates with delicate feminine sensuality. The triangle cup shape creates creases ...



Livia Corsetti - Bikini Nawabe
Item number: 39327

Halter bikini in fresh color combination. The padded push-up bra is lined with bars. The spaghetti straps are in the ...



Livia Corsetti - Bikini Tai
Item number: 43523

With summery colour combination opens this Tai Bikini the new bathing season. The decorated metal-rings between cups ...



Livia Corsetti - Body Masako
Item number: 33854

This nice lingerie from Livia Corsetti Fashion is made of wide lace with a satin heart at the front and back. A small...



Livia Corsetti - Body Raizel
Item number: 42936

Raizel – perfectly finished ladies body. Light, elastic and invisible underneath clothing. Bodysuit supported on adju...



Livia Corsetti - Body Suit Ksenia
Item number: 32845

A sensual single-piece bodysuit made of dark shiny elastic fabric. The front is decorated with snap fasteners which m...



Livia Corsetti - Body Tinashe
Item number: 33906

The set Tinashe is a body composed of a low-cut bra and a G-string. The G-string frills suggest charming innocence an...



Livia Corsetti - Bodystocking Adelina
Item number: 47707

This combination of top and stockings doesn't only look seductive - it definitely is. Your breasts flash through the ...



Livia Corsetti - Bodystocking Afina
Item number: 45675

Seductive bodystocking, that looks like a garter belt set. Lovely solo lingerie that can be combined very well.



Livia Corsetti - Bodystocking Angenn
Item number: 47722

With Angenn you will rob your partner of his senses - Asymmetry at its best!



Livia Corsetti - Bodystocking Arisha
Item number: 45677

Extravagant bodystocking, that looks like a garter belt set. For small and large cup sizes.



Livia Corsetti - Bodystocking Avery
Item number: 47721

Different sized holes and phenomenal stitching decorate this catsuit from top to bottom. However, the view of the ess...



Livia Corsetti - Bodystocking Bistranina
Item number: 47709

Unbelievably flattering, this bodystocking fits tightly on your skin and provides a seductive look with its body-frie...



Livia Corsetti - Bodystocking Bituinam
Item number: 47708

Wicked elegance with breathtaking design. The absolute highlight of Bituinam is its open crotch - it doesn't get any ...



Livia Corsetti - Bodystocking Cameron
Item number: 45682

Bodystocking ouvert with sexy straps look and - fashionable in 2017 - with many small cut outs.



Livia Corsetti - Bodystocking Iantha
Item number: 47720

From top to bottom in net optics this lingerie is accentuated by black stripes and perfectly positioned beads.



Livia Corsetti - Bodystocking Ioneeala
Item number: 47718

With its exciting style this catsuit radiates special sensuality and will quickly rob your partner of his senses.



Livia Corsetti - Bodystocking Pirvina
Item number: 47714

This exceptionally beautiful bodystocking is made of delicate mesh fabric and is simply tied behind the neck.



Livia Corsetti - Bodystocking Raphaela
Item number: 47713

Dark fabric sets ideal accents on the otherwise rather wide-meshed material and adds stunning structure especially to...



Livia Corsetti - Bodystocking Sacnite
Item number: 47712

Its unique design accentuates your assets and covers any existing problematic areas.



Livia Corsetti - Bodystocking Tijana
Item number: 47710

A new bodystocking by Livia Corsetti, characterized by very little fabric. The designers have succeeded in creating a...



Livia Corsetti - Bodystocking Zarina
Item number: 45687

Lovely suspender bodystocking ouvert made of black, elastic Nylon. With loving details and a high wearing comfort.



Livia Corsetti - Catsuit Abra Black
Item number: 32697

A sexy long-sleeved bodystocking made of black stocking material which fits the silhouette, perfectly emphasizing its...



Livia Corsetti - Catsuit Abra Honey
Item number: 36738

A sexy long-sleeved bodystocking made of honey-colored stocking material which fits the silhouette, perfectly emphasi...



Livia Corsetti - Catsuit Abra Orange
Item number: 36740

A sexy long-sleeved bodystocking made of orange stocking material which fits the silhouette, perfectly emphasizing it...



Livia Corsetti - Catsuit Abra Yellow
Item number: 36742

A sexy long-sleeved bodystocking made of yellow stocking material which fits the silhouette, perfectly emphasizing it...



Livia Corsetti - Catsuit Adiva Black
Item number: 34694

An appealingly low neckline, uncovered shoulders, oval cuts between the breasts and around the hips - that distinguis...



Livia Corsetti - Catsuit Almas Honey
Item number: 36749

Sexy bodystocking Almas from LivCo Corsetti lingerie collection is more than a mesh that covers the body. Vertical mo...



Livia Corsetti - Catsuit Almas Orange
Item number: 36752

Sexy bodystocking Almas from LivCo Corsetti lingerie collection is more than a mesh that covers the body. Vertical mo...



Livia Corsetti - Catsuit Almas White
Item number: 39248

Sexy bodystocking Almas from LivCo Corsetti lingerie collection is more than a mesh that covers the body. Vertical mo...



Livia Corsetti - Catsuit Amkezia
Item number: 39337

Amkezia is a one-piece skin-tight garment for a real temptress. Experience the subtle flirt between your body and ela...



Livia Corsetti - Catsuit Artemida Beige
Item number: 36755

This exceptionally sensuous bodystocking with an intriguing floral pattern, has a refined mesh in the upper part and ...



Livia Corsetti - Catsuit Aryiana
Item number: 33907

It is hard to believe this is a bodystocking. Yes, the briefs are not a separate garment. A wider mesh on the tights ...



Livia Corsetti - Catsuit Cassia
Item number: 38389

This bodystocking with charming ornament pattern makes every woman an oriental beauty. This catsuit is made of soft, ...



Livia Corsetti - Catsuit Catriona White
Item number: 36757

In Catriona, stockings are connected with a chemise permanently by means of lace straps, giving an impressive effect....



Livia Corsetti - Catsuit Elissa
Item number: 36761

Beauty catsuit with a beautiful net pattern. The bodystocking Elissa by Livia Corsetti Fashion is made of wonderfully...



Livia Corsetti - Catsuit Ivette Beige
Item number: 36148

Ivette is a bodystocking made of small fish-net mesh. Special attention is attracted by conspicuous cuts, rimmed with...



Livia Corsetti - Catsuit Magali Black
Item number: 34693

Beautiful body with a unique floral motif at the top and fishnet-style bottom. Neckline ornamented with a satin bow a...



Livia Corsetti - Chemise Set Maddi
Item number: 45671

ensual dress set in black and pink with string. Its front is made of delicate lace with pink, flower-shaped pattern.



Livia Corsetti - Corsage Set Chaviva
Item number: 33904

Chaviva is a rock-styled set composed of a mini skirt and top. The top attracts attention with two rows of snap faste...



Livia Corsetti - Corsage Set Kaiya
Item number: 40736

Kaiya corset emphasizes the waistline and breasts in a beautiful way. Vertical wires and slight stiffening add slende...



Livia Corsetti - Corsage Set Minthe
Item number: 39330

A set of a dreamlike padded bodice with a wonderful G-string. Minthe is a unique combination of tempting, glossy blac...



Livia Corsetti - Corsage Set Signe
Item number: 40773

An admirable white bodice and G-string made from fine, sparkling fabric. Signe is an ideal set for the wedding night,...



Livia Corsetti - Corset Set Claudia - Red
Item number: 47699

Every man's dream comes true: You wearing this elegant, sexy underwear combo. Using the signal colour red, you let yo...



Livia Corsetti - Corset Set Korinna - Black
Item number: 47700

You will immediately fall in love with the perfect combination of flexible, transparent fabric with romantic lace and...



Livia Corsetti - Corset Set Roxelani - Black
Item number: 47701

What a sexy sight! Its unique design skillfully accentuates your best attributes and conceals where it is needed.



Livia Corsetti - Corset Set Tyra
Item number: 42664

A luxurious, high-quality bodice with carefully selected details. Black, decorated with stylish, sparkling, red ornam...



Livia Corsetti - Corset Set Zalika - Black
Item number: 47703

This black lingerie perfectly compliments your attributes of femininity and elegance. You are going to feel like a ho...



Livia Corsetti - Costume Agape
Item number: 42620

This amazing costume with leather-look panels fulfils a man’s dream. Agape consist of 5 parts: top, skirt, thong and ...



Livia Corsetti - Costume Nelly
Item number: 47724

Black and pink in combination provide you with a feminine, romantic look and the high-quality, elastic material adapt...



Livia Corsetti - Demetria Pink
Item number: 45721

Pink Nylon Suspender Belt and String combination. Best for normal and wide hips.



Livia Corsetti - Demetria Red
Item number: 42754

Red Nylon Suspender Belt and String combination. Best for normal and wide hips.



Livia Corsetti - Demetria White
Item number: 45720

White Nylon Suspender Belt and String combination. Best for normal and wide hips.



Livia Corsetti - Dress Caprice
Item number: 30274

This super sexy dress is made of extendible material and has a beautiful blue color. It perfectly fits your figure, h...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Hera
Item number: 30230

Semitransparent, black negligee with side lacing. Decorated with floral patterns.Complete with matching string.



Livia Corsetti - Dress Inez Black
Item number: 30241

A very sensual chemise made of elastic mesh. It is laced on the chest and accompanied by a strings



Livia Corsetti - Dress Inez White
Item number: 32686

A very sensual chemise made of elastic mesh. It is laced on the chest and accompanied by a strings



Livia Corsetti - Dress Judite
Item number: 42791

Elegant lingerie made of elastic tulle. Suitable for larger bust sizes (Cup C and more). The cups are made of stronge...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Lotus
Item number: 42789

Lotus is an exciting night lingerie set consisting of hip-length black chemise and matching string-type panties. Chem...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Makani Black
Item number: 42790

Sensually designed lingerie with string. Crafted from a light, semitransparent fabric which elegantly suits the figur...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Nadiya
Item number: 32827

A romantic chemise with adjustable shoulder straps, accompanied with snow white G-string. Made of soft and elastic fa...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Primrose
Item number: 42796

The dress Primrose looks fresh like a morning flower blooming when the sun rises. Crafted from elastic black tulle w...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Set Achima
Item number: 38438

Pleated pink dress with fine floral lace, underwire cups and rhinestone jewelry. Particularly beautiful is the back v...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Set Aristodeme
Item number: 38439

This set of G-string and chemise attracts the eyes with a deep, feminine neckline setting off the breasts. The cups t...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Set Basya
Item number: 36724

See through dress with round mesh pattern in the front. Amazing for a night out with friends or a sexy intimate momen...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Set Bella
Item number: 32823

An elegant top in a set with thongs in the colour of the classic black made of pleasant and extendible material. The ...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Set Ceres
Item number: 38441

Ceres is a set of a chemise and G-string in a wonderful blue hue juxtaposed with black. Thin shoulder straps emphasiz...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Set Constance
Item number: 32772

This piece-of-craftsmanship Constance top enchants with its class and charm. It is subtle, refined and at the same ti...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Set Gina Pink
Item number: 38386

Beautiful, pink dress made of pink tulle with matching string. The cups and the front are covered with fabric flowers...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Set Jessica
Item number: 32855

Sensual set composed of a chemise and strings. The chemise is made of tulle, which in connection with satin insertion...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Set Kusumita
Item number: 36202

Three shades of intriguing purple and a highly feminine design make Kusumita loved by women who are for chemises emph...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Set Liwia
Item number: 32853

Beautiful design and sensual shape. The set composed of a chemise and strings highlighting sexy beauty of female body...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Set Misae
Item number: 38388

Fitted dress with side panels made from fine black lace. Especially precious is the round decorative element with rhi...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Set Namiko
Item number: 42619

Seducing night dress in a Latino style with G-string. Hot red fabric will set up an inextinguishable fire in the bedr...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Set Nikoleta
Item number: 36734

Enchanting elegant dress made of delicate, transparent fabric refined with lace and satin bows. The dress Janya by Li...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Set Orianna
Item number: 42695

Orianna is a flirtatious neck-holder chemise with string-type panties included in the set. This spicy dessous set is ...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Set Priya
Item number: 39333

The set Priya will make every woman wearing it emanate with sensual elegance. The combination of satin and elaborate ...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Set Stella
Item number: 33808

Stella is a set composed of panties and a chemise. Delicate creases at the bra and frills highlight the distinctness ...



Livia Corsetti - Dress Set Yasti
Item number: 36736

Classic feminine Yasti chemise is a combination of sateen in two sensual colours and beautiful black lace. The breast...



Livia Corsetti - Dressing Gown Benigna
Item number: 40750

The robe Benigna fits perfectly with the same negligee and other black lingerie. Made of fine tulle and edged with a ...



Livia Corsetti - Dressing Gown Fuksja
Item number: 40746

This lingerie wraps your body in a sensual and seductive way. The transparent material is edged with fine lace. The r...



Livia Corsetti - Dressing Gown Hera
Item number: 33824

An elegant and stylish dressing gown made of captivating black tulle. The sleeves are decorated with flowery lace.



Livia Corsetti - Dressing Gown Tatiana
Item number: 33790

Elegant and stylish knee length dressing-gown made of tulle. Black satin ribbon is added to bell shaped sleeves.



Livia Corsetti - Gloves Model 4
Item number: 38422

These snow-white gloves with cuts and decorative lace will add a sensual and still subtle touch to any bride. They em...



Livia Corsetti - Kleidchen Set Sepida
Item number: 42756

Exclusive chemise for hot and wild nights. Sepia fits smooth on your body and captivate with the fine lace with jagua...



Livia Corsetti - Mask Black Model 7
Item number: 42671

Royal, black ladies‘ mask with elastic band. The used fine lace pattern gives the mask a more majestic look. The larg...



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Luna Pink
Item number: 30254

Charming and sexy satin chemise with strings. Creased below the breasts exposes them. The low-cut and the cut-off bel...



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Luna Purple
Item number: 30253

Charming and sexy satin chemise with strings. Creased below the breasts exposes them. The low-cut and the cut-off bel...



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Luna Red
Item number: 30258

Charming and sexy satin chemise with strings. Creased below the breasts exposes them. The low-cut and the cut-off bel...



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Set Alkestis
Item number: 38355

The sensual set of a chemise and G-string emphasizes the waist, hips and breasts. Ultra-thin shoulder straps, bottom ...



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Set Arato
Item number: 39331

It is one of the most beautiful chemises in the Eastern wealthy style. It is intended for demanding and classy women....



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Set Arietta
Item number: 42617

Top class seduction from Livia Corsetti. With Arietta you will soften every man's heart. The set features a matching ...



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Set Benigna
Item number: 40749

The lingerie set Benigna consists of an attractive nightie and a matching string. This chemise is made of elastic tul...



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Set Bethesda
Item number: 40742

Bethesda is a chemise with original design, very spicy and with string-type panties included. This set will enable yo...



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Set Bitya
Item number: 40741

Very impressive set made of soft tulle. Bitya from LivCo Corsetti is decorated with vanilla-chocolate embroidery and ...



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Set Conchita
Item number: 45639

Turns every night into an exciting experience. Ideal for warm and hot nights.



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Set Egami
Item number: 39332

It is flirtatious but also romantic short chemise. Perfect both for women with heavier breasts as well for women who ...



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Set Elyshia
Item number: 40755

This strapless lingerie covers your front with artful wet-look. Rhinestone ribbons adorn the free back. The bra strap...



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Set Fabienne Blue
Item number: 39258

The set Fabienne consists of a chemise and matching, comfortable string panties. The set is made of slightly glossy, ...



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Set Febe
Item number: 40754

This beautiful tied neckholder is made of elastic tulle. Cups and end are underlined with red tulle. This lingerie co...



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Set Fuksja
Item number: 40745

Never waste a chance to feel beautiful. You will look gorgeous wearing the chemise Fuksja. The nicely cut neckline wi...



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Set Hadas
Item number: 42585

Sexy dessous-set with negligee and thong made from comfortable and elastic see-through material. The shoulder-straps...



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Set Lanaya
Item number: 40739

Passionate, black and pink dress with fine lace and wide ruffles. The padded push-up cups makes a gorgeous cleavage. ...



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Set Madison
Item number: 42589

Very feminine and beautifully made Madison lingerie with matching thong. Your favourable night slip. Girlish pink col...



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Set Sanjita
Item number: 39255

Santija is an elegant and sensual set, composed of a highly feminine chemise and G-string. The classic shape with sid...



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Set Satoko
Item number: 39280

Satoko is a light, highly feminine strappy chemise. The body shines through it beautifully. The set is decorated with...



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Set Terada
Item number: 39312

Whenever the ocean of love is calling you, prove that you are the right one to swim in its waters. Terada will be you...



Livia Corsetti - Negligee Set Vikriti
Item number: 39311

Vikriti from Livia Corsetti is an oriental style alluring night chemise. Exotic beautiful design is decorated with bl...



Livia Corsetti - Negligé Set Electra
Item number: 45670

Sensual negligee set in black. Front made of delicate lace with pink, flower-shaped inserts.



Livia Corsetti - Negligé Set Texcean
Item number: 43521

Sensual combination of contrast lace, translucent tulle and lovely quilling seduce this elegance Negligé form Livia Cor...



Livia Corsetti - Nipple Covers Model 13
Item number: 42594

A chic package for your breasts. The circle and black label are bordered with a nice quilling-band. The covered sequi...



Livia Corsetti - Nipple Covers Model 16
Item number: 42608

The heart of every soccer fan will laugh when woman wear football. The decision of active or passive activity lies on...



Livia Corsetti - Nipple Covers Model 18
Item number: 42592

Nipple covers for seducing of a special kind. The shape of rose impress the beauty of woman of a emphasize manner. Th...



Livia Corsetti - Nipple Covers Model 19
Item number: 42609

This gorgeous nipple covers let look your breast in exciting glitter. The self-adhesive, circle covers covered with r...



Livia Corsetti - Nipple Covers Model 20
Item number: 42591

This charming nipple covers gives your breast more attention. The circle black covers are pimped with a beautiful whi...



Livia Corsetti - Nipple Covers Model 3
Item number: 36777

Exceptionally tempting, self-adhesive black nipple covers, characterised with delicate satin bows adding even more ch...



Livia Corsetti - Nipple Covers Model 4
Item number: 36123

Sensual self-adhesive nipple covers which make a perfect gift. They are adorned with shiny black zircons and satin bo...



Livia Corsetti - Nurse Costume Cascadia
Item number: 47704

Nurse, please come right now! With Cascadia, this sensually sophisticated set by Livia Corsetti, you will turn into a...



Livia Corsetti - Panty Abigail
Item number: 33875

Sexy panties made of black hosiery display the female silhouette perfectly. The back is decorated with subtle satin r...



Livia Corsetti - Panty Kasylda Black
Item number: 36195

Stylish panties made from artful black lace, with a sexy black bow and shiny zirconias on the back. The sensual cut o...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Edvige
Item number: 42598

Edvige from Livia Corsetti is a semi-transparent sleeveless black top, turtleneck model. Simple style and skin-tight ...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Adsila
Item number: 38420

Like a delicate veil envelops this playful chemise of elastic tulle your curves and makes you an irresistible eye-cat...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Akantha
Item number: 33789

Akantha is a light set of a chemise and a G-string. Thin shoulder straps will set off shoulders, neck and cleavage. P...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Alice
Item number: 32825

Black tulle set with sexy delighting excision at the front. Tempting sensual slip decorated with elaborate lace. This...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Ayomide
Item number: 32771

This enchanting set with G-string, made of soft transparent black tulle looks perfect on any silhouette. The chemise ...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Ayumi
Item number: 36130

Ayumi is a set of a pastel pink G-string and chemise. Thin shoulder straps, decorated cups, as well as flowery finish...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Bhava
Item number: 36132

Bhava, decorated with beautiful, subtle lace is a chemise for women who like traditional cut and fashionable pale pin...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Christelle
Item number: 33796

A tight-fitting petticoat made of soft flowery lace. The neckline displays the bust, and the subtle satin bows add ex...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Devi
Item number: 36726

A romantic chemise with black panties, made from soft stretch and fine lace. The shirt is decorated with a pink satin...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Dione
Item number: 40748

Dione from Livia Corsetti is a charming chemise with beautiful flower embroidery. 2 chains with rhinestones emphasize...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Eunika
Item number: 32843

A beautiful and charming black petticoat with white floral pattern, made of delicate elastic fabric. The neckline and...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Gioconda
Item number: 32824

An elegant underwear set in a romantic style. Decorative drop-shape cuts with satin ribbon add elegance. At the cups ...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Hagar
Item number: 32858

A subtle, refined and at the same time sensuous chemise made of airy transparent tulle and sophisticated lace. The ar...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Hianta
Item number: 33799

Light and airy Hianta is a thin-strapped chemise with a decorative frill at the bottom and slight cut at the side wit...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Irys White
Item number: 30243

The Irys set is made of see-through white material embellished with silver lace. This beautiful lingerie highlighting...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Jennifer
Item number: 32857

Jennifer is a two-part set composed of a chemise and panties. It will be equally good for a club party and for a part...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Kakuei
Item number: 33804

Sexy red chemise with garter straps and g-string.



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Kasandra
Item number: 32775

This amazingly alluring set is made of see-through black tulle. Appliqué motives of tasteful shining details embellish ...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Kassiopeia
Item number: 32852

A two-part Kassiopeia is a set of a chemise and panties. It is refined, though thanks to its sporty style it is also ...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Mary Anne
Item number: 33817

Mary Anne is tempting chemise with a G-string made from a soft, tight-fitting fabric, combined with fine black lace. ...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Midori
Item number: 32768

A romantic Midori is made of delicate transparent tulle with a charming flower pattern. An original accent of the sex...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Misha
Item number: 42842

Misha is a sensual ladies chemise from LivCo Corsetti. Light and flexible, perfect for hot nights as a sleep dress. T...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Rosalyn
Item number: 42841

This noble lingerie flatters your body with a touch of fine lace and tulle. The camisole is elastic and thus provides...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Rosanne
Item number: 42843

Luxurious lingerie for the elegant and stylish lady. Rosanne by Livia Corsetti is intended for very special occasions...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Shikoba
Item number: 32828

A set made of black tulle with delicate pattern stimulates the senses and imagination and accentuates female silhouet...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Sora
Item number: 36137

A chemise and G-string were combined into a mysterious and highly refined set of Sora. The black chemise is richly de...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Tatiana
Item number: 30229

Sexy black shirt with matched string.



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Uranit
Item number: 33820

A beautiful safary-style chemise with pants, made of a slightly stretchy satin wrapping the body in a sensuous way. T...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Vinaya
Item number: 36140

Extremely sensual shirt set Vinaya by LivCo Corsetti. Made of soft, transparent, black tulle that sensually adapts to...



Livia Corsetti - Shirt Set Xanthe
Item number: 33835

A sensuous set composed of a chemise, G-string and funny eye-band. Xanthe is made of delicate hosiery which clings to...



Livia Corsetti - Straps Set Acarin
Item number: 47723

All the pieces in this breathtaking set are adorned with countless yet decent flowers adding a playful touch to the s...



Livia Corsetti - Straps Set Celandine Black
Item number: 39318

This set consists of stylish oriental-style string panties with sexy gold chain attached to it and matching stockings...



Livia Corsetti - Straps Set Clarissa
Item number: 40772

Clarissa is a corset style chemise full of expression, with beautiful black and red string panties included. Delicate...



Livia Corsetti - Straps Set Milagros
Item number: 33892

Milagros is a proposal of very beautiful and alluring lingerie. The front of the top is made of elastic, shiny fabric...



Livia Corsetti - Straps Set Orna
Item number: 32782

The chemise is made of stretchy tulle and refined lace. A characteristic feature of this set is G-string enabling to ...



Livia Corsetti - Straps Set Paquita
Item number: 33887

A sexy and brave set made of a highly flexible mesh, tightly fitting hips and buttocks. With matching G-string. This ...



Livia Corsetti - Straps Set Queen White
Item number: 34691

Sensual corset with strings. The front is made of flowery lace decorated with tiny bows, has adjustable shoulder-stra...



Livia Corsetti - Straps Set Roselani
Item number: 42866

Roselani is a richly decorated set of luxurious lingerie which creates an unusual artistic picture on woman's body, e...



Livia Corsetti - Straps Set Susanna
Item number: 32791

A classic but also original set composed of a chemise and belt-panties. It educes all the female attributes. A G-stri...



Livia Corsetti - Straps Shirt Set Nigar
Item number: 43522

Elegance Straps Shirt Set with exciting combination of decorating lace and elastic tulle. The lace with floral patter...



Livia Corsetti - String Agave Red
Item number: 32763

This sexy and brave G-string is made from a highly elastic fabric which fits the hips and buttocks tightly. A charact...



Livia Corsetti - String Amara
Item number: 33877

Elegant G-string made from soft black lace, with the front and back decorated with red satin bows making the panties ...



Livia Corsetti - String Aphrodisia Black
Item number: 36194

A tempting G-string made from black sophisticated lace and elastic fabric. The back decorated with a shiny square and...



Livia Corsetti - Swimsuit Amphitrite Black
Item number: 39245

This two-piece swimsuit attracts attention primarily by the reference to the bardot bra form, by the subtle character...



Livia Corsetti - Swimsuit Amphitrite Red
Item number: 34700

This two-piece swimsuit attracts attention primarily by the reference to the bardot bra form, by the subtle character...



Livia Corsetti - Swimsuit Amphitrite White
Item number: 39246

This two-piece swimsuit attracts attention primarily by the reference to the bardot bra form, by the subtle character...



Livia Corsetti - Swimsuit Dianthe
Item number: 34701

The Dianthe bra from LivCo Corsetti refers to the classic bardot bra form. The creases on the top enlarge the bust vi...



Livia Corsetti - Swimsuit Khloris
Item number: 32781

Khloris is a two-piece swimsuit with a classic form. The combination of snow white with a black and white ornament on...



Livia Corsetti - Swimsuit Marganit
Item number: 32851

Khloris is a two-piece swimsuit with a classic form. The combination of snow white with a black and white ornament on...



Livia Corsetti - Tights Alkyone
Item number: 33792

Alkyone are tights made of stocking fabric with large mesh insert at the thighs. The fishnet fabric is to highlight t...



Livia Corsetti - Tights Bosma
Item number: 43488

Sexy tights with attractive mesh pattern. The elegant pattern makes your legs look longer. The skin-friendly material...



Livia Corsetti - Tights Chiba
Item number: 43506

Elegant net tights with a modern pattern. The material adorns your legs and makes them an eye-catcher.



Livia Corsetti - Tights Degana
Item number: 38443

Any woman loving to emphasize the length and slimness of the legs will feel especially attractive in Degana tights. T...



Livia Corsetti - Tights Jeanne
Item number: 38445

Fishnet tights with a broad stripe made of very soft, elastic fabric. The tights Jeanne by Livia Corsetti perfectly m...



Livia Corsetti - Tights Khyati
Item number: 38446

Khayati tights, with their wonderful decorations, emphasise the length and slenderness of legs. The eyelets of the cl...



Livia Corsetti - Top Sampriti
Item number: 39257

It is a hot Summer-style top resembling sporty style. Trendy top made of elastic high-quality fabric. Deep pink colou...



Livia Corsetti - Valencia
Item number: 33857

A charming set made of stretchy material combined with sophisticated lace which perfectly emphasizes the natural fema...



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