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by Push Poppers

Item number: 52580

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Product description

Content: 180 ml (18 x 10 ml)
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7
N-Pentanol - CAS 71-41-0

The brand new Jungle Juice Ultra Strong New Formula revolutionises the world of poppers with its refreshing and powerful formula that will delight your customers. This new generation of poppers not only promises an intense kick, but also relies on an extra strong pentyl formula with the groundbreaking new active ingredient N-Pentanol.

The innovative formula of this poppers has been specially developed to exceed expectations and create a poppers experience that will leave you wanting more. Your customers will be amazed by the powerful effect and will keep coming back to buy this fantastic product in your sex shop. The combination of pentyl and the new N-pentanol active ingredient makes this poppers an unrivalled highlight on the market.

Another reason why the Jungle Juice Ultra Strong New Formula Poppers are so special is their cool yellow design. This striking appearance makes it an eye-catcher in your shop. The cheeky colour attracts customers' attention and gives your range a modern and dynamic touch. The poppers are not only appreciated for their effectiveness, but also for their visual appeal. Exclusivity is also a key feature of this product, which is only available in our Poppers Reseller Shop. As a retailer, you can therefore offer your customers an exclusive experience and set yourself apart from the competition. Selling this outstanding popper will not only strengthen customer loyalty, but also attract new customers to your shop.

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