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BOX BOY - 18 x tall

Item number: 50208

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Product description

Content: 432 ml (18 x 24 ml)
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7

Boy Poppers is a new pentyl based formula available in the tall bottle for the first time. This poppers full of surprises and strong effects has a long bottle with more space to grow and develop, guaranteeing great sensations as soon as you open the bottle!

Famous for other poppers like the Highrise and Highrise Ultra Strong, Boy Poppers contains one of the strongest and most pure pentyl available on the market, with a pentyl formula reminding you of the good old days. Its extra strong pentyl makes for strong relaxing effects on your muscles and will also make your inhibitions disappear so you can fully immerse yourself in your naughtiest fantasies.

The excitement starts with a warm feeling that spreads throughout your whole body and will make you enjoy the best popperbating and fisting experiences.

Try the new Boy Poppers of our reseller shop, available at exclusive wholesale price in Europe.

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