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Scandal Eye Mask

by Scandal

Item number: 47661

EAN: 716770076953

in stock

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Product description

Give yourself completely to your partner and trust him/her!
Wear the Eye Mask from the Scandal series by Calexotics and surrender your senses completely to the will of your lover.

Enjoy absolute comfort by wearing this double padded blindfold while moaning and writhing to tender touches.

As your eyesight is taken away, your other senses amplify automatically and especially your skin transmits even the softest stimulations directly to your excitement centre.

Rely on your sense of touch & smell and explore your vis--vis in a whole new way. The breathtaking feeling when the lips meet unexpectedly travels through your body will almost drive you crazy. Your lover's breath will give you the most intense goose bumps, which will extend all the way to your nipples.

Give up your ability to see and dive into unknown worlds of sensations.
Take your excitement to a whole new level!

Product details:
✓ double lined blindfold
✓ luxurious ribbons made of designer fabric
✓ sensual lace
✓ hot experience

Color: black, red