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Scandal Submissive Kit

by Scandal

Item number: 46467

EAN: 716770085955

in stock

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Product description

Sometimes you just want to lean back and let your partner take control over each of your sensations. Or experiment with the world of dominance and subjugation as far as you enjoy it. The Scandal Submissive Kit offers everything you need.

The Scandal Submissive Kit contains beautiful red and black brocadecuffs that are fully adjustable and can be perfectly adapted to wrists and ankles. You will love the soft, plush interior that keeps you comfortable. The luxurious, double-sided collar makes you tremble with joy and anticipation while the cool metal necklace touches your skin and reminds you who is in control.

For the adventurous, the set of two adjustable multi-purpose clamps will pinch and pamper your most sensitive areas to the point of total ecstasy. Simply clip onto your nipples, lips or other erogenous zones and tighten until your skin blushes with pain and joy. You have soft, comfortable cushions that make your game safe and enjoyable.

Also included in the set is an extensible red blindfold made of the same Brocade fabric. Your senses are strengthened with the loss of vision: every stimulation, from soft to hard, will feel even more intense.

Clamps: approx. 2.25" x 1" / 5.75cm x 2.5 cm
Collar Circumference: approx. 10.5" / 26.75 cm
Cuffs Circumference: approx. 10" / 25.5 cm
Material: Polyester, PVC, Iron, Polypropylene
Color: Black, Red

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