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HIKY Vacuum Stimulator and Vibrator - Black

by Shots

Item number: 45152

EAN: 8714273788504

in stock

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Product description

The black HIKY is an elegant vacuum clitoris stimulator and vibrator in one. It has two separately controllable vibration motors, to which, if necessary, the suction function can be added. This results in many different suction and vibration combinations.

Operation of HIKY

Operation is via 4 illuminated buttons:
► On/Off button
► Button A For the suction function
► Button 1 for the vibration motor in the middle
► Button 2 for the vibration motor in the tip

The on / off button turns the HIKY on and off. Pressing the control buttons A, 1 and 2 now activates various modes for the respective motor. Press the control buttons for 3 seconds to switch off the corresponding function.

The suction function

The black shaft allows a good positioning of the large silicone mouth around the clitoris, the breast nipples or wherever you would like to be sucked. The suction function can then be activated via button A. Briefly pressing button A selects the next of the 5 different suction modes. To switch off the suction function, press button A for 3 seconds.

The vibration function

For even deeper stimulation use HIKY as a vibrator. It has two separately controllable vibration motors. With 10 different vibrational patterns, ecstatic stimulations will be transmitted through the whole body. The two vibration motors can be operated by means of keys 1 & 2. The suction and vibration functions can be combined with each other as desired.

Recharge the HIKY

The black HIKY can be recharged via an enclosed cable at any USB port. The HIKY vibrates and sucks up to 120 minutes in continuous operation - much more than most other "toys".

Product details:

✓ Soft silicone mouth with suction and vibration function
✓ 5 different suction patterns
✓ 10 different vibration patterns
✓ Separately controllable functions
✓ Easy, intuitive operation
✓ LED illuminated push buttons
✓ Rechargeable via enclosed USB cable
✓ body-safe materials
✓ Phthalate-free
✓ Waterproof

Total length: approx. 20 cm
Suction opening: approx. 1.1 cm
Vibrator diameter: approx. 2 - 4.7 cm
Vibration speed: 11000 RPM
Vibration modes: 10
Noise level: max. 55 dB
Battery life: 120 min.
Battery charge time: 120 min.
Material: Silicone, ABS (Phthalate-free)
Color: Black

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