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BOX RADIKAL RUSH - 18 x small

by Push Poppers

Item number: 44587

in stock

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Product description

Content: 180 ml (18 x 10 ml)
Isopentyl Nitrite - CAS 110-46-3

New cap - guaranteed no leakage!

The original Radikal Rush is only available in our Poppers-Reseller shop for your satisfaction! Discover what the fuss is all about, as Radikal quickly became our most popular poppers, especially thanks to its incredible aluminium bottle - that has been since then copied but to no avail: Radikal is simply the best and cannot be overthrown. Rise Up and Everest Poppers have tried - to no avail.

Get the best poppers for your online shop at a wholesale price and be amazed by the quality that was put in that 10 ml bottle. The Mega Pellet inside is a well-known desiccant that absorbs humidity and keeps the strong isopentyl nitrite inside as pure as on the first day.

You will have noticed that there is a new cap on the bottle, made to secure the liquid and air inside it and prevent it from leaking or evaporating so that the poppers inside will stay fresh, potent and effective. No more leaking poppers for the clients of our Poppers Reseller Shop!

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