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Wurstfilm - Wasserratten

by Wurstfilm DVDs

Item number: 14801

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Product description

Running time: approx. 100 minutes.
A voyage on the waters can leave you all wet! Adreas wants to explore the waterways of Berlin with a few of his friends. Felix though isn't seaworthy. Besides, he's too tied up at home, where he has to deal with a big fat rope of a sailor. Meanwhile on board, the guys are having a good time. They let their pants drop in the bunks and on deck the masts are being given a good scrub down. These hot pistons get all heat up and needs to be cooled down. The only way to do that is by diving into the lake. Andreas can't get some rest after all the hot summer action. At night there's a cheaky burglar who he has to deal with. He'll show him his error by giving him a good hammering. The only thing that the burglar is able to take with him is sperm and plenty of it!
Director: Christian Slaughter

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