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BOX RUSH EXTREME - 24 x tall

by Lockerroom

Item number: 50841

in stock

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Product description

Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7

The new Rush Original poppers in the tall bottle is now available with a reworded and Extreme formula!

Made to stimulate your senses, this bottle of poppers belongs to the most famous and best-selling brand in the world! Made with incredible pentyl nitrite, the formula is strong enough for poppers fans and beginners to have a very good time.

The Rush Original is great for foreplay, popperbating and in the heat of the moment to create better sensations and orgasms! Open up the bottle and let its incredible scent fill the bedroom for instant stimulation and relaxation.

Poppers are great for partying and sex, since they relax your muscles and turn you into a lustful sex animal. Discover the newest and freshest poppers in your Wholesaler shop at low price!

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