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Bad Gagger Black

Item number: 50414

EAN: 0000000027571

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Product description

The Bad Gagger is a brand-new mouth gag that makes you open wide and say "aaah"! Made with metal and faux leather, the Bad Gagger turns you or your partner into a silent and submissive slave.

The tongue depressor pushes the tongue down to prevent you from speaking but gives your partner free reign to insert things in your mouth throung the metal ring.

The leather straps stay comfortably in place and are easily adjusted with the metal buckle to fit all sizes.

Product details:
✓ Metal ball gag
✓ With tongue depressor
✓ Simple yet effective design
✓ Comfortable and easy to adjust
✓ Wide metal ring for easy insertions
✓ Easy to clean

Total length: approx. 58 cm
Length straps: approx. 17.5 and 30.5 cm
Length tongue depressor: approx. 4.5 cm
Inner diameter ring: approx. 4 cm
Outer diameter ring: approx. 5.1 cm
Material: faux leather, metal
Color: black