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Wurstfilm - Schwanzsport

by Wurstfilm DVDs

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Item number: 157

Running Time: approx. 85 min.
It's Benjamin's first day on his new gymnastics team and he has to learn quickly what the trainer has planned for him the moment he fails to perfom. The two coaches give him a special treatment exploring his virgin ass with an arsenal of body and sports gear. Meanwhile the other guys demonstrate what gymnasticsequipment is really for and bring athletics to the limit. The mood cooks up high as the rest of the team hears of the harsh treatment which Benjamin has to endure. It is the start of a sexual rebellion. As things turn upside down the bossy coach and his submissive assistant find themselves buckeled to a horse displaying their asses for public use. Eight big cocks unfold their power in the wide open holes of the coaches leading up to a slobbing wet victory ceremony on their behalf.
Director: Marco Volk, Christian Slaughter
Cast: Waller, Mats Riem, Lupus, Florian, David Parik, Dave, Adam Daniels, Steven Bo,...

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